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The NAR’s recent decision to change how agents get paid and buyers get represented has the potential to completely reshape the real estate industry. That’s why the agents who learn quickly, adapt fast, and stay in-the-know as new regulations roll out have a strong first-mover advantage.

If you missed last week’s Estate Media expert panel discussion on how these decisions will change the way we do business, keep reading.

Today in What’s New From Estate Media, we’re sharing the biggest takeaways from that illuminating conversation, plus the full recording you can watch now. If you’re curious how major players are adapting to the news, uncertain about your place in this industry, or just looking for sharp survival tips, it’s a must-watch conversation.


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On the latest episode of Glennda’s Guru, host Glennda Baker sits down with Los Angeles luxury realtor Lee Mintz to talk about building trust with clients, the fastest way to lose that trust, and the one rule she never breaks when it comes to connecting with buyers and sellers. 


Owners and renters are feeling the squeeze

The growing struggle to find affordable housing is pushing some buyers to pinch more than just pennies, according to a recent Redfin survey. With nearly half of surveyed homeowners and renters reporting some difficulty in keeping up with their housing payments, sacrifices like working overtime, tapping into retirement savings, and cutting down on meal costs are becoming more common. 

According to Redfin’s report, to afford housing over the past year:

  • 34.5% of homeowners and renters took no or fewer vacations than planned.

  • 22% skipped meals.

  • 20.7% worked extra hours.

Affordability issues like these underscore just how important it is to help buyers find a home that meets both their preferences and their budget, especially while high interest rates are pushing mortgage costs upwards.


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How the NAR’s recent decisions impact you

When the NAR settled the massive national case involving buyer broker commissions—to the tune of $418 million—it essentially brought an end to business as normal for agents across the country. That’s why we gathered a small group of top agents who’ve seen this industry change and evolve firsthand, and continue to build success through it. 

In our exclusive panel discussion, you’ll hear reactions and insights from our own Josh Flagg, plus Aaron Kirman, and Branden and Rayni Williams. The industry is changing for buyers, sellers, and agents. But with this advice in mind, you can adapt right along with it.

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