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The largest age group in the country reaching a milestone birthday is a huge opportunity for agents and investors. If you know where to look, what to share, and how to reach them. 

A recent report from John Burns Research & Consulting found that the average homeowner who purchased a median-priced home in 2020 has seen their net worth surge a whopping $208,000 in just three years. Together, homeowners are sitting on nearly $32 trillion in home equity—double the peak value reached in 2006. 

The bottom line? Real estate is on 🔥 and only gaining more traction with every year that goes by.


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As a top real estate agent in the growing Las Vegas market, influencer, reality TV star, and industry pro, Cami Lincowski sells to celebrities and athletes—and never stops proving her value. In this episode of Glennda’s Guru, Cami shares her experience building a high-powered team of women agents, how she creates positive connections with other agents, plus an exciting announcement you’ll hear here first!


In a market where homebuyers are increasingly opting for interest-reducing purchase options, down payments have just broken a surprising two-year streak. In February, the median down payment jumped to $55,640—the biggest annual percentage increase since April 2022

By the numbers:

  • In February, the median down payment across all financed home purchases hit 15% of the purchase price. That’s up from just 10% this time last year. 

  • At $55,640, the median down payment is up 24.1% YoY—largely due to higher home prices and buyers paying more up front to lower their monthly mortgage payments.

  • With a 15% down payment and a 6.79% mortgage rate, a buyer purchasing a median-priced home can now expect a monthly mortgage of $2,836. 


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