Will Missouri’s ruling reshape real estate?


Between 7%+ interest rates and historically high home prices, the real estate industry is experiencing “a real whack on the side of the head,” as Federal Housing Administration former commissioner Dave Stevens bluntly put it. But that doesn’t mean your career is in for a cold winter.

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  • The decision is in. The latest on the Sitzer/Burnett buyer broker lawsuit.

  • Pre-close masterclass. How to navigate escrow like the pros.

  • Buying trends. Home searchers are flocking to these 10 cities.


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The verdict is in

Earlier this week, a Kansas City jury ruled that the National Association of Realtors (NAR), HomeServices of America, and Keller Williams colluded to keep commission rates high—and ordered them to pay $1.78 billion in damages. 

The argument hinged on one controversial rule: The NAR’s Clear Cooperation Policy. According to this policy, if a seller’s agent wants to list a property on the MLS, they must offer the buyer’s agent a commission on the sale. The rule was intended to promote cooperation between MLS participants and to give buyers a sort of one-stop shop for all local listings. But according to the judge and jury, the policy violates antitrust statutes and drives up the cost of already-pricy real estate. 

So, what’s next?

  • Judge Stephen Bough has to issue a final ruling on the case, finalizing the verdict. With that decision, he could triple damages to over $5 billion and force major changes to the policy. 

  • Missouri’s suit is likely to trigger copycat suits in other states. Nationwide, this pressure has the potential to reshape the real estate commission model. 

  • All three defendants have suggested they will consider appealing the decision, which could accelerate industry changes.



Mastering negotiations

An unexpected inspection report can derail even the best real estate deals just days before closing. That’s why luxury agent Josh Flagg recommends his sellers provide every potential buyer with a complete inspection report before they put in an offer—limiting contingencies and reducing expensive repair requests. 

Want more expert agent strategies like this? Watch Josh’s latest masterclass, and make your offer-to-closing process your strongest competitive advantage. 


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